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Atop the hill in Griffith Park, I stop to watch the sunset turning the Hollywood sign gold. The first time I came this way, it took me two hours pushing the mountain bike. Now I pedal up in 30 minutes. I’ve worked as a producer for FOX Television and many of my plays are produced and/or published, but nothing beats this ride.

To be happy all I need is a free afternoon, a clear blue sky and no head wind. Riding through Los Angeles, I zip past lines of cars stopped at red lights. I wonder how many are on their way to a gym, where they pedal for an hour on a stationary bike then sit in traffic again to go home.

I rented a bicycle in Rome, rode it past the Forum and the Circus Maximus and up the Appian Way. I got lost and carried the bike up the Spanish Steps -- the quickest way I could find to get back. I've ridden from Hilo to Akaka Falls on the Big Island, through Central Park in New York and around the Greek island of Santorini. The freedom, the sights, the breath in my lungs and the blood pumping through the muscles in my thighs makes each trip a lasting memory.

Coming down the hill in Griffith Park, I fly past the Greek Theatre, down to Los Feliz Boulevard and I'm home. Sure, I'll send you a copy of one of my scripts. But for real fun, get your bike and come along some time.